About Everything Yesterday's Glam

Everything Yesterday’s Glam started with a simple passion for everything unique by Shonel Symister. The CEO, Shonel Symister, was born and raised in New Jersey.  She graduated from Rutgers University with a Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts, Concentration in Dance, and was granted the opportunity to travel the nation as a professional dancer immediately afterwards.  After years of traveling and performing, her dance career landed her a position as an Assistant Dance Team Coach at New York City’s Columbia University where she shares her dance expertise to help young women express their passion for dance and perfect their craft.  Just as any professional dancer, Shonel would spend the majority of her days in leotards, tights, and leg warmers.  However, contrary to the uniformed look of a dancer, she had a very unique sense of style that she prided herself upon.  She worked retail for major clothing companies in college but found thrifting and vintage shopping for unique finds to fit her style better.  Her love for vintage fashion grew and organically intertwined with her innate passion for the arts and from that emerged the Creative Arts Enthusiast and Fashion Curator behind Yesterday’s Glam.  

What started out as a hobby in April 2011, transformed into an official business by August 2012 and has been growing nonstop.  Shonel’s great eye for detail and love for anything unique amongst today’s common cycle of carbon copy fashion is what separates Yesterday’s Glam from the other boutiques.  Shonel is a young entrepreneur on the rise to becoming a highly noted and one of a kind vintage buyer and seller in northern New Jersey.